MSI Creator 15 A10UGT Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅10-05-21

Product on Review: Creator 15 A10UGT-077AU
Manufacturer: MSI
Street Price: GBP £2800 | USD $3000 | AUD $4000

The Intel Core i7-10870H was launched back in Q3 2020 – almost a year ago, and already we’ve seen 11th Gen. featuring in the mobile platform. Laptop manufacturers haven’t yet fully embraced Intel’s next phase of processors as the performance SKUs haven’t yet made it to the market.

So, is 10th Gen still worth considering? Well, while the successor could be just around the corner, price-drops on Comet Lake-based laptops are inevitable, so if you’re waiting to grab yourself a good deal on a 10th Gen unit, it’d be the ideal time to check out what’s available.

Today’s model in question combines the might of Intel’s Core i7-10870H and RTX 2nd Gen. Paired up with these components we have 32GB DDR4, a 2GB M.2 SSD and a flashy multi-touchscreen display.

Are you a media specialist? Is the Creator 15 worth a look? Let’s find out!

MSI on their Creator 15
Creator 15 is made powerful and portable wherever you go. With 99.9 WHr battery capacity, it supports non-stop creativity and keeps you focused on your creative workflow.

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