MSI Gaming 27 6QE Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅07-12-15

Product on Review GAMING 27 6QE
Manufacturer & Sponsor: MSI
Street Price: £1999 GBP / $2700 USD

The practise of building a customised computer system from a selection of components is a daunting task for some users and having the space to accommodate a prebuilt system from a system integrator can also be a hinderance for others and this is where the All-in-One PC comes in.

It isn’t common to see an All-in-One PC, in fact, looking around there are very few to choose from. But today we’ll be taking a look at a highly capable machine from MSI dubbed the GAMING 27 6QE. GAMING 27 blends together a lineup of the very latest technologies which include Intel’s Skylake, NVIDIA’s GTX 970M, 16GB DDR4 and M.2 SSDs in Super RAID 4. All of this hardware sits behind a 27” display for a neat, minimalist design.

MSI on their Gaming 27
MSI integrated all parts of a top performing gaming desktop into a high quality display, capable of playing your favorite PC games in high resolutions and frames-per-second. Built with the latest graphics cards technologies and integrated with some of the best audio features, the MSI gaming All-in-One PCs are made to impress both casual and hardcore gamers with stunning visuals and striking performance.

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