MSI GE60 2PE Apache Pro Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅12-03-14

Being part of any product launch is exciting but when a notebook with new tech is involved the anticipation is even greater.

MSI are clearly very serious about their notebook gaming line because they have channelled all of their efforts into designing a comprehensive suite of offerings and have done so to a very high standard. The GE60 we have been observing today is not only appealing to the eye but it oozes quality too. The build quality and attention to detail - right from the packaging through to the end product is brilliant.

We’re pleased that GE60 arrives with an assortment of handy ports, this extends the functionality and makes other activities possible such as the ability to feed the display to a trio of screens. The additional perks don’t just end at the ports found on the sides of the unit either, there are numerous other aspects to consider such as DYNAUDIO speakers and SteelSeries customisable LED backlit keyboard.

In terms of performance, GE60 handled everything we lay in its path. You can expect to play the latest gaming titles in high detail and still retain fluid FPS. We did have some difficulty with THIEF but this is more than likely due to a driver issue because this game was only released a week ago and the GTX 860M, today.

GE60 has been given an SRP of £1200 GBP / $2000 USD but we expect you will be able to find it for just shy of the £1000 mark if you are patient with availability. Based on the calibre of this notebook and the multitude of features that come integrated we believe this to be a reasonable price if you are looking to invest in a new mobile gaming system.

MSI’s new GE60 2PE Apache Pro is packed with features and effortlessly delivers great performance in the latest gaming titles.


+ Appealing to the eye
+ Brilliant build quality
+ Can handle most games at high detail
+ Plenty of useful ports
+ Excellent audio
+ On-the-fly fan/lighting controls

- Touch pad is cumbersome

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