MSI GE72 2QD Apache Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅15-03-15

As weíve found previously, MSI is not only serious about their notebook product lines but they are passionate also. The GE72 typifies this; both with the luxurious and classy build quality and the comprehensive partner technologies and features.

GE72 supplies a generous amount of ports to access data and to output to larger displays. MSI has partnered with SteelSeries again for their new lineup of notebooks and the option to have a backlit keyboard is always a nice perk, especially when the SteelSeries Engine provides the ability to fine-tune and tweak the keys.

The Dynaudio 4.1 configuration that MSI has included with GE72 is extraordinary. To fully understand just how impressive the audio quality is, itís necessary to actually experience it but we can certainly verify that is enhances all types of media such as music, movies and games.

There are a number of supplementary features included with GE72 which some users may not use but nevertheless itís great to see them included. For those who are serious about gaming, MSI include an extensive software suite which includes XSplit Gamecaster and Miracast. Super Raid is also integral to this notebook Ė though we only have a single SSD under this configuration, there is always the possibility to take advantage of Super Raid by expanding the storage solutions and installing another.

From a performance standpoint, although the GTX 960M demonstrates minor improvements over its predecessor GPU, GE72 can handle all of the current gaming titles at high detail. For a mid-range GPU it offers decent performance.

In the past some have noted on our MSI notebook videos that temperatures have been concerning on previous editions but the GE72, as demonstrated in our benchmarks, causes no such concern. Under extreme load the notebook remains within the realms of safe temperatures and the battery life is quite reasonable too.

GE72 is currently priced at £1000 GBP/ $1400 USD and just as weíve mentioned before, prices are likely to be higher at launch. In the coming weeks we expect GE72 to dip just below the £1000 mark. But even so, considering all the hardware, software and performance that this notebook delivers, the price is quite good.

MSIís GE72 is another jam-packed notebook. It features the very latest technologies and makes use of a whole host of innovative features. If youíre after a capable mid-range notebook, this is an excellent choice!


+ Impressive design
+ Brilliant build quality
+ Great performance results
+ Can handle most games at high detail
+ Plenty of useful ports
+ Impressive audio quality
+ LED backlit keyboard

- None!

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