MSI GE72 6QF Apache Pro Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅30-09-15

Seeking to be at the very pinnacle of new technology, MSI has been wise in updating their lineup of notebooks on the eve of the Intel Skylake launch.

The GE72 epitomises luxury, quality and finesse. The physical design and styling of this notebook has differed very little from its predecessors but the aesthetics work and we’re a big fan of the overall appearance.

At the very heart of GE72 is Intel’s Core i7-6700HQ processor – a rather capable quad-core chip which offers excellent all-round performance. Using Skylake has meant that there is also the opportunity to shift over to DDR4 too and MSI has used 16GB of 2133MHz; again, another component which will contribute to consistent performance in a range of different tasks. Although it’s still early days for USB 3.1 we’re really pleased to see its existence on this notebook as it further future-proofs with current and upcoming technology.

Placing GE72 into the gaming arena with its GTX 970M as the star of the show, we get some decent performance – even in the most demanding of titles. The high detail preset at 1080p isn’t really designed for this notebook but rather we expect it to be reserved for the high-end GTX 980M instead.

With Windows 10 now being mainstream focus, GE72 arrives with this new operating system – so there’s no need to engage in unnecessary upgrades from previous versions of Windows. Combining this new software with the super-fast M.2 as a boot drive also means a lightning quick boot-up is in order too.

MSI’s GE72 comes with an RRP of £1299 GBP / $1899 USD. We expect in the coming months for various retailers to offer this notebook at a lower figure but as it stands, this represents good value for money – especially when you consider all of the included cutting-edge technology. MSI also offer a 2 year-collect and return service for technical assistance.

GE72 6QF Apache Pro is an elegant looking notebook which carries with it all the trademark MSI features. Those who want to harness the advantages that Skylake processors bring should look no further.


+ Stylish, sleek design
+ Skylake driven
+ Great performance results
+ High-quality audio
+ Plenty of useful ports
+ LED backlit keyboard
+ Choice to turn LEDs on/off

- No windows key on left-side
- Fixed battery unit

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