MSI GT70 0NE Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-10-12

GT70 is a certified powerhouse, of that there is no doubt. High-end gaming meets the notebook form factor rather aggressively.

In terms of specification; GT70 features one of Intel’s top Ivy Bridge models and memory has an astounding 16GB of DDR3. Combine this with NVIDIA’s GTX 680M and 128GB SATA 3 SSD in Raid0 and the recipe for victory is well within reach. Having all this hardware makes for very impressive results in an assortment of environments as our benchmark results on the preceding pages have demonstrated.

Audio is an area that GT70 excels in also, having a Dynaudio 2.1 system separates GT70 from every other gaming notebook on the market. First-hand experience is a requirement to fully understand the quality given by the integrated sound system. Audio is crystal clear and the bass is adequately punchy resulting in excellent audio for gaming, movies and music.

From a gaming perspective the SteelSeries keyboard works well throughout different gaming genres. The backlight helps considerably during late-night gaming and It’s good that users have the choice of customising and adjusting the colour configuration.

GT70’s short comings appear in the form of shape, size, weight and noise. The size and weight could probably be forgiven due to the sheer power of the system. Compromises are sometimes needed and to harbour such power is nigh on impossible in a thinner chassis. During normal operation the notebook is audibly noticeable but this can of course be avoided by using a headset, which most gamers will be using anyway to obtain precise audio directly into the ear.

Priced at £2099 the GT70 is a costly investment and its hard to fully recommend. Due to GT70 being portable it can remain on the office desk as a regularly used item and can easily be taken to a friend’s house or LAN party for some thrilling gaming sessions.

GT70 is a great solution for mobile gamers wanting the best performance. Thanks to extra features this notebook is also ideal for other uses too

+ Robust, good quality
+ High-end specifications
+ Large, crystal clear screen
+ Superior Dynaudio system
+ Long battery life

- Cost
- Heavy

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