MSI GT70 0NE Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-10-12
First Look – Externals

To start with we will have a look at the external aspect of GT70. The top of the notebook is covered in a layer of brushed aluminium, plastic has been integrated to the sides and the MSI metallic logo has been placed in the middle.

On the underside of GT70 are various covers which can be removed to gain access to different areas of the notebook. With this there are also ventilated sections to allow heat to dissipate from the notebook. Additionally there are four rubber pads on the underneath of GT70 to prevent the notebook from slipping around.

Brushed aluminium for the top of GT70

The underneath of GT70

Looking at the sides of GT70 there is further ventilation for the chipset and GPU to exhaust and dispel unwanted heat. MSI have integrated 3x USB 3.0 ports and a handy SD card reader which will allow functionality for SD(XC/HC)/MMC/MS(PRO)/xD. For those who frequently use this type of storage a card reader is very useful on a notebook as it removes the need to an external device to serve such a purpose. On this left side there are also audio jacks for surround sound.

Numerous USB 3.0 ports and handy card reader

Over on the other side of GT70 there are two more USB ports but these are USB 2.0. The only other aspect worth noting on this side is the optical drive which is a BD Writer / Blu-ray / DVD Super Multi. MSI do not specify the operating speeds of each type.

A BD Writer / Blu-ray / DVD Super Multi drive

The rear of GT70 features a Gigabit LAN port, with HDMI and VGA ports and eSATA connectivity. On this back panel of ports the AC power connects and has the added capability of being locked to the notebook.

The rear of GT70

We’ve taken a look at the external aspect of GT70 and now we will open the notebook up and take a look under the lid.

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