MSI GT80 Titan SLI Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅09-02-15

The introduction of GT80 Titan SLI is MSI throwing down the gauntlet and while doing so, sending out a clear and definitive message. This notebook is a beast to be tamed.

Regardless of which aspect you consider, GT80 Titan SLI has it all. Even the packaging and its bundled items are a talking point in themselves; offering a generous, wide selection of useful items.

Although the physical dimensions and weight of this notebook are monolithic (as is the charging unit), gamers will surely appreciate that GT80 Titan SLI has the intention to primarily target performance. Weight and size are irrelevant when all-out performance is in the spotlight.

Being laden with countless innovative features projects this notebook into revolutionary status. By utilising two of NVIDIA’s GTX 980M GPUs in SLI, this notebook will devour any gaming title on the highest of settings. This is of course assisted by the burly 32GB DDR3, a quad-core processor and 4x SSDs in Raid0 (MSI Super Raid 3). Irrespective of the usage – even outside of games this notebook excels no matter the arena.

Key to GT80 Titan SLI’s prominence is the “World’s first” backlit mechanical keyboard on a notebook. Having a mechanical keyboard integrated onto such a mobile device is a real perk and the inclusion of the touchpad/numpad feature is nothing short of creative excellence.

GT80 Titan SLI doesn’t come cheap, the strong line-up of hardware and features ramps the cost of this notebook up into uncomfortable territories. At £3499 GBP / $3900 USD, GT80 Titan SLI is a “money no object” type of product; destined for those who demand the very best.

It’s easy to see why we’re so impressed; GT80 Titan SLI is outstanding in many ways, it pushes the boundaries for all-out mobile performance and achieves this while delivering a catalogue of innovative features.


+ Sleek & aggressive styling
+ Ultra high-end specifications
+ Brilliant sound quality
+ Cutting edge features
+ Excellent performance
+ Lots of bundled items

- Large, heavy charger
- Poor battery life
- Big and bulky

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