MSI Nightblade X2 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅29-02-16

Product on Review: Nightblade X2 Mini-PC
Manufacturer & Sponsor: MSI
Street Price: £1199 GBP

Prolific in the motherboard and graphics card arena, MSI are also well-known for their passion in other fields too and more specifically the prebuilt system division. In the last 18 months they’ve made a big impact within gaming communities with the introduction of the Nightblade Series. Nightblade in the past has involved a barebones configuration with the user having to supply various components but MSI has now made steps in presenting gamers with a complete system which includes core components such as the CPU, memory and graphics card.

Another important point to make is that the Nightblade series involves small form factor (SFF) mini-PCs. Momentum with SFF has been gradually increasing – so much so that other brands are now following in MSI’s footsteps too as more and more users demand a portable gaming unit which is able to play the latest gaming titles. Today we are to take a look at the most powerful Nightblade units that MSI has to offer – the Nightblade X2.

Nightblade X2 is powered by Skylake and as such, features the Intel Core i7-6700K. Also arriving with this quad-core process is 16GB DDR4 and NVIDIA’s GTX 970. Along with these components there are also many features which gamers and enthusiasts are likely to find useful. On paper Nightblade X2 sounds like a capable machine but will it be able to handle everything we throw at it?

MSI on their Nightblade X2
Sturdy, stable and solid, the MSI® Nightblade X2 is loaded with the perfect ammunition for PC gamers that do not want to compromise on gaming performance. The MSI® Nightblade X2 embodies what every gamer craves for: victory.

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