MSI Optix MAG272CQR Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅23-06-20

MSI aren’t exactly newcomers to the monitor division, but they aren’t veterans either, but on display in the MAG272XQR, we have a fantastic 27-inch monitor which boasts an assortment of features which are sure to satisfy the needs of most gamers.

Operating with a native resolution of 2560x1440 WQHD is the sweetspot for most gamers as it ideally means that mid-range graphics cards are still within reach, and high-end models will be more than proficient even with ultra-detail presets enabled. The 1ms response time and 165Hz refresh are both attributes which are much sought after – not just in the gaming arena, and we really enjoyed experiencing these features first-hand.

Those who are outgrowing their 24-inch monitor will enjoy the step up to a 27-inch like this MAG27 and the overall size won’t exactly engulf the desk space either. The 1500R curvature is ideal – isn’t too flat, nor is it too curvey.

We’re seeing an increasing number of games which are HDR ready and investing in a panel which is capable is definitely worthwhile. HDR dramatically enhances the gaming experience. There is no pun intended here but the difference is like night and day.

Our only qualm with MAG27 is the decision to offer AMD Freesync. While AMD is gaining momentum and getting a stronger foothold in the GPU market, NVIDIA are still the favourite in the upper end of the GPU market – which 27-inch is likely to go better with. However, having the choice to have adaptive synchonisation for AMD graphics cards is still worthwhile, to avoid screen tearing and reduce stuttering.

The MSI MAG272CQR is priced at US 399 | UK 398 @ SCAN | AUD 429, which we feel is good value for money. Looking at other units offering the same features, you’ll find that this MSI model is among the cheaper.

The MSI MAG272CQR should meet the needs for any avid gamer looking to invest in a 27-inch monitor and it also arrives at an attractive price-point.

+ The sweetspot for mid-high end gaming
+ Buttery smooth 165Hz refresh
+ Just 1ms response time
+ Wide color gamut
+ Good viewing angles
+ HDR with Rich contrast
+ 100x100mm VESA mount ready
+ Arrives with USB 3.2 ports
+ Colour reproduction is excellent for work, entertainment, gaming
+ RGB lighting for your backwall

- Screen only tilts
- Physical screen space 5mm from borderless bezel design

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