MSI Trident X Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅19-10-18
Closer Look
The Trident X stands at almost 400mm tall, making the machine considerably smaller than most gaming machines out there, especially when they’re packing the kind of specification that this is. To compare the size to another machine, the Xbox One, it’s 70mm taller, 100mm wider and 50mm deeper.

The left side of the chassis is vented in two key locations, right across the top section to allow optimal airflow to the graphics card, and RTX 2080 in this case, and a smaller section towards the front to ensure the power supply can breathe and maintain a steady output for the components within.

The right-hand side is a little more orthodox, with a perforated mesh segment giving the Intel Core i7 9700K CPU lovely, cool air. This section is replaceable, which we’ll demonstrate on the following page.

The front is angular and made from glossy plastic (a fingerprint and dust magnet), with a strip of vents along the front and some decent connectivity.

Honing in on that front IO, we have a USB 3.1 Gen. 2 Type C port, as well as a pair of Gen. 2 Type A ports. This should be ample for daily use, when combined with the rear ports. You also find a microphone and headphone jack for easy connection.

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