MSI VIGOR GK30 & CLUTCH GM11 Combo Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅03-09-19
Packaging & First Look
Looking at the box head on and we get a shot of the keyboard & mouse, a slightly misleading picture as the VIGOR GK30 & GM11 aren't wireless and in the picture it looks like they are.

Turning the box around to take a look at the back and it dedicates most of the space going into to the specs of the VIGOR GK30 Keyboard & Clutch GM11 Mouse.

Opening up the box and there isn't much in the way of protective packaging, so if handled roughly the keyboard & mouse could arrive damaged.

Taking the key board and mouse out of the plastic packaging and we get our first look at the sleek design of the VIGOR GK30 & Clutch GM11. At first glance the products have a higher end look
around them, we'll certainly be checking if the build quality is above it's price tag too.

Included in the box are the instruction manuals for the GK30 and GM11 respectively.

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