MSI VIGOR GK30 & CLUTCH GM11 Combo Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅03-09-19
Closer Look (Vigor GK30)
First off we'll take a look at the VIGOR GK30 keyboard, the key caps are made from a moulded black matte plastic which strangely don't seem to attract finger prints like you would expect, a big plus here!

Turning the GK30 Keyboard on it's head to look at the back plate, and we can see that the GK30 features the MSI Gaming Base which helps improve anti-slip performance and provides increased support beneath the space bar. The keyboard also features adjustable legs however they only have one height setting available.

Another notable call out for the GK30 Keyboard is that it features media keys which can be used through the fn key which features a keycap with a see through MSI dragon logo.

As we mentioned you can control the RGB settings with the INS/HOME/DEL/END and directional buttons. The other notable call out feature is that the stems of these switches are cherry compatible so if you have custom key caps they will slot right in here and it means that the option to customise the keyboard is there for those who don't.

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