MSI VIGOR GK30 & CLUTCH GM11 Combo Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅03-09-19
At this price point the Vigor GK30 ticks a lot of boxes on the positive side of things.

Both the Vigor GK30 Keyboard & Clutch GM11 Mouse are reasonably well built, with a bit of flex in the keyboard, which a back plate would resolve, but you would be hard pushed to find that kind of build quality at this price range. The mouse functions perfectly fine but is quite a bit smaller and lighter than our daily driver.

In our day to day work as well as in gaming we find ourselves using our macro keys more often, and we found ourselves missing them here, but again, at this price point you would be hard pushed to find a keyboard with dedicated macro keys however we feel that MSI could at least include this feature in their dragon centre software.

The main bug bear that we had with this kit is that the software seems unfinished, the dragon center software kept telling us that there was a firmware update available for the mouse however when we went to the section within the software to scan for updates it stated non were available meaning that we could not use the software for anything other than changing the lighting.

Back to the positives and the last one is that the GK30 is water resistant, which is perfect if you're buying these for a younger family member.

If the software worked as it should we would be happy to recommend this kit, however until this is the case we'd recommend giving it a miss

+Media keys through FN
+Reasonably well built
+Water resistant

-No dedicated macro keys
-Non-functional software
-Cannot reassign any keys

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