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MSI first introduced the MPOWER line under the Z77 chipset and have had plenty of success so it makes total sense to expand this product range with the successor Z87.

The MPOWER MAX is clearly designed to meet overclockers needs. Only essential features have been integrated and our efforts in this particular department yielded great results. We were able to effectively lower the CPU voltage at our best frequency overclock for the 4770K. Compared to other motherboards the MPOWER MAX requires significantly less voltage which thus gave lower temperatures. But we did find the stock performance to be quite average in a range of the benchmarks we ran therefore, overclocking should be a fundamental concern when investing in this motherboard.

Aesthetically, MSI have produced a stunning motherboard. The styling hits the nail on the head with a sleek matt black PCB and black slots, ports and lanes. Due to its neutral theme MPOWER MAX will more than likely pair up with an assortment of different hardware, which is always a bonus when trying to create an eye-catching system.

In terms of the feature-set MPOWER MAX ticks all the boxes by giving advanced users the buttons and ports which are now obligatory to get the best overclocking experience. We especially like the Fast BIOS button which takes you directly into the BIOS upon pressing.

Being priced at 200 means MPOWER MAX is at the upper-end of the Z87 segment. This motherboard is more expensive than some of the mid and high-end offerings but it must be stressed that MPOWER MAX is justified at this price point for overclocking purposes.

Avid overclockers will be truly satisfied by MPOWER MAXs extensive feature-set. MSI have designed a spectacular motherboard and its easy to see why there is so much talk about the MPOWER series.

+ One of the best looking Z87 motherboards
+ Great overclocking results
+ Easy to overclock (advanced features too)
+ Excellent features layout and choices
+ Lots of bundled accessories
+ WiFi/Bluetooth module

- Average stock results

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