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Packaging, Bundle & First Look

Being within MSI’s flagship product-line the MPOWER MAX has been given the special treatment for its packaging. The front has a folding “M” which opens out to reveal detail on the features whilst giving a preview of the motherboard through a transparent cover. Around the back the fundamental features are covered in more detail.

Large, attractive packaging

The bundled accessories are contained within a separate box to the motherboard and consist of the following:

• Docummentation: User guide, software guide, OC certificate
• Software CDs
• Door hanger
• 6x SATA 6GB/s cables
• Rear IO shield
• Flexible NVIDIA SLI bridge
• WiFi/Bluetooth antenna + adapter
• USB 3.0 hub
• Voltage check cables
• Easy connect adapter

Plenty of items in the bundled accessories

Unveiling the motherboard for the first time it’s hard to fault the aesthetics and styling. MSI have chosen to furnish the PCB in matt black and have kept all ports and slots black too. Only the respective heatsinks have a splash of zesty yellow colour.

MPOWER MAX is likely to pair up with other hardware very well from a visual perspective. Top marks to MSI and their designers.

An overview of MPOWER MAX

On the next page we will move in for a closer look at the different elements and features of MPOWER MAX.

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