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Using the COUCHMASTER Cycon allowed me to work and game in the living room in ways I haven't done for a while, comfortably with confidence. The control and stability it provides for games that you would otherwise be desk-bound with, can now get a slice of that big screen action. The USB 3.0 hub powered by the active cable is convenient, unlike the Corsair LAPDOG which requires an additional power unit. Also, unlike the LAPDOG, the COUCHMASTER Cycons USB HUB had no issue relaying information about the connected devices and thus each functioned correctly with their respective driver software. Again, another strong point of the COUCHMASTER is its versatility, it is compatible with pretty much any peripheral bar that which is too big/heavy/unorthodox (you know, we are talking about standard things, not full size cockpits that already have their own dedicated seating system).

Though the COUCHMASTER Cycon isn't quite perfect, you will have to think of a workaround in regards to where/how you place a drink and the risk is slightly higher than with a conventional desktop. That is a compromise due to the nature of the product. Another consideration to make is, if your system is at a desktop in your living room, you may be inconvenienced by having to setup the COUCHMASTER just to search google, or simply check your emails or do some online browsing. That will mean that you will need another set of peripherals, something that can be as cheap or as expensive as you choose. The reality of that is, there is an additional indirect cost.

As someone whom enjoys making and modding things, the price does seem a little steep, and making a lapdesk is something I have experience with. Find a piece of scrap wooden board, a mouse mat, some glue, some cushions, a USB 3.0 hub and some extension cables... eventually each additional piece adds up in cost. In total the electrics and materials could cost in excess of 60-70 and then you have to contend with whether or not it looks good; not an impossibility with a bit of careful work, but it can be a very tiresome task. Unless you are completely cash-strapped, or simply love making things, the convenience of purchasing the COUCHMASTER Cycon will make life a lot easier. The build quality and overall aesthetic is great (especially as it is available in a variety of colours and finishes) and after the initial wiring is done, it is quick and easy to setup and dismantle. The bulkiness and storage concerns will depend on how much you plan on using it, and if the answer to that question is 'a lot', then it will be less of an inconvenience to store.

Until the time there are good quality, rechargeable, wireless mechanical gaming keyboards to go along with a wireless mouse and headset, remaining tethered to cables is still the most cost effective and reliable way to game. That would also make transferring your peripherals from desk to couch that little bit easier. At that time, you will still need a stable surface to game on comfortably. In either scenario, the COUCHMASTER Cycon is an ideal solution for those that plan on making the living room the prime location for PC gaming.

Living room PC gaming is often an awkward affair but the COUCHMASTER Cycon allows you to relax in comfort and focus on the game, thanks to its reliable desk-like stability and convenient connectivity.

+ Attractive, good quality
+ Comfortable
+ Comes in a variety of colours/ finishes
+ Quick assembly/ disassembly (after initial wiring)
+ Versatile (can use any peripherals you like, compatible for left/right handers)
+ 4x USB 3.0 ports
+ No express need for additional power cable
+ Large storage/cabling space

- Price
- Bulky

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