Nitro Concepts S300 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅11-01-18
Included Parts (Continued)
Bundled with the chair are the “fiddly bits”, which allow the chair to actually function. The gas cylinder is capable of supporting a load of 135KG (roughly 21 stone, in old money), as well as the rest of the chair also being capable of withstanding that weight. The rocking mechanism can tilt up to 14° and uses a multi-function lever to control the height of the chair, as well as locking the mechanism, if required. Also included are the screws and bolts to hold the pieces together, as well as 5 nylon wheels designed for any surface.

Part of the weight loading is also the 5-prong base, constructed from solid nylon. Those 5 inserts along the length of each leg will coordinate with the colour of the S300, again this is black to match our chair.

To help improve posture and comfort, Nitro Concepts throw in a pair of cushions, one of which is to be placed around the neck/head region and the other is for lumbar support. The neck pillow is reasonably soft and appears to be filled with a “fluffy” material, whereas the lumbar support is much more substantial and supportive.

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