noblechairs EPIC Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅28-02-18
Packaging & Included Parts
The EPIC arrives in a massive box, filled with foam, plastic and all sorts of protective materials. It certainly shouldn’t struggle with even the clumsiest of couriers.
The packaging measures roughly 840mm x 700mm x 380mm.

The five-prong base is made up from a single piece of aluminium, offering incredible strength while also remaining reasonably lightweight. It’s slightly convex shape, paired with the curvy appearance gives it a classy and understated look.

The substantial rocking mechanism connects the piston to the base of the chair. The stiffness of the leaning mechanism can be adjusted via the handle on top (actually underneath), or be locked off completely using one of the handles. This mechanism offers up to 14° of lean.

Also included is the piston to give the user a choice of height with up to 100mm of variance (noblechairs also sell a smaller piston for shorter people), a plastic cover for the piston, five nylon castors, a pair of handles to adjust the rocking mechanism and height of the chair, a couple of hinge covers for construction process and a multi tool with a Phillips screw and 6mm hex-key tool.

Tucked away in the box, in their own separate bags, are a pair of noblechairs cushions, colour coded to your chair of choice. The neck cushion is soft and squishy while the lumbar support, with included elastic straps, is much thicker and much more substantial.

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