noblechairs EPIC Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅28-02-18
Included Parts (Continued)
Moving onto the action end, the base arrives with the arm rests pre-attached, as well as the hinges to the rear. One hinge operates via a handle on the right-hand-side, locking the back into the required position, while the left side is a slave hinge, offering no stiffness at all.

The black and red stitching is thick and noticeable, increasing the premium feel of the chair and is finished to an excellent standard with no loose stitches at all. The faux suede along each edge looks like Alcantara, often found in expensive racing cars, helping to add to the expensive appearance of the chair.

Flipping the base over, you can see the steel construction, as well as the heavy duty clips holding the faux leather in place. There’s 3 hex-key bolts holding the arm rests into place, which allow a small amount of adjustment (you will have to loosen these bolts to remove all of the plastic packaging anyway, so at this point we suggest you make sure these are aligned correctly to ensure symmetry on the chair.)

The backrest carries over the same diamond shape stitching and faux suede up the sides. The racing car appearance also carries on, with the harness slots completely open, either side of the head position, this gives the lumbar support cushion an entry point to be mounted correctly. There’s also a small silver noble logo with a much larger, embossed noble logo further above.
The two sides are angled inwards, helping to keep you positioned in the centre of the chair and ensure correct posture, however, the entirely flat back doesn’t strictly give any actual support.

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