noblechairs EPIC Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅28-02-18
We spend huge amounts of time sat in front of a computer, so a well-designed and comfortable chair is always appreciated, but many people neglect the chair when setting up their workspace or gaming rig, instead opting to pour extra cash into a GPU or CPU for those extra frames. We believe that purchasing a decent, ergonomic chair should be high up on your list of priorities, especially if you spend any more than an hour or two at your PC.

The noblechairs EPIC is arguably expensive at £299, but the appearance and comfort cannot be overlooked. We enjoyed sitting in this chair, even for sessions exceeding 10 hours on occasion. Looking at other, similarly priced options on the market, the EPIC stands out as, for us at least, the best looking option – the thick stitching and embossed PU leather looks crisp and clean, while the faux suede helps to bolster that racing car feel.

While construction the chair, everything felt solid and well put together, despite our issue with lining up the back piece, which we explained on the “Finished Look” page. The base is a single cast piece of aluminium, the wheels are of good quality, as well as every other aspect. Due to this, it doesn't seem at all ridiculous to claim the chair could comfortably handle 180KG.

Overall, the noblechairs EPIC is exactly what we expected – a gaming chair using premium materials and offering decent comfort. If you’ve got £300 to spend on a chair, we can’t see anything else that offers better support.

You can lie down in the office, and who doesn’t want that? For £300, it’s a good chair!

+ Looks fantastic!
+ Feels solid and well built
+ Premium materials used
+ Available in a range of colours
+ Vegan friendly options
+ Can lie down
+ 180KG weight limit

+- Pricey but arguably worth it

- Had to spend time lining the chair up
- Lumbar support cushion is too thick/stiff

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