noblechairs Footrest Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅20-09-18

Product on Review: noblechairs Footrest
Manufacturer: noblechairs
Street Price: UK £109.99 / US $119.90 / AU $174.00

noblechairs have received ample awards and merits from the reviewers all over the internet, praised for their comfort, ergonomics and appearance, but until now, we were all using toolboxes and piles of pillows to rest our feet on during those long Fortnite sessions. Well today that’s no more, with the noblechairs Footrest.

The styling matches the chairs perfectly, with the diamond-shape stitching and PU leather. The Footrest is also available with real leather and the associated design to go with it.

The Footrest is adjustable and looks smart, but does it actually increase your comfort or improve posture? Read on to find out.

noblechairs on the Footrest:
The newest addition to the noblechairs line to complement your ideal setup, precisely designed to cater to those that need a little extra support in their endeavors. Our team has created a peak ergonomic seating experience, intended to take the weight from your feet and provide both a natural posture and the ultimate in comfort.

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