noblechairs HERO Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅14-09-18
Packaging & Included Parts
Ensuring your brand spanking new pc chair arrives in tip-top condition, the people over at noblechairs package everything up very well, using a solid triple-corrugated cardboard outer box and ample padding inside. The box is incredibly heavy, at almost 40kg, so get someone to help you lift it up the stairs if possible.

Obviously far too good at Tetris, the clever people have figured out a rather genius way of fitting everything into one box without wasting any space. Not only is this better for the customer, preventing things from moving around inside the box, it's good for the environment too, enabling more of them to be packaged onto trucks and planes.

Starting off the parts list, we empty out a small box located within the main packaging. Included in there is the Class 4 gas cylinder, capable of around 100mm of height adjustment, 5 plastic caster wheels, a shroud for surrounding the gas cylinder, a packet of screws and bolts for fixing everything together and a couple of handles for either side of the chair.

The hinge mechanism connects the base of the chair to the gas cylinder, allowing up to 14 of lean. The large dial on the bottom adjusts the resistance within the leaning mechanism, allowing you to find the sweet spot while the two silver bits sticking out the side are used to adjust the height of the chair and to lock the chair's lean mechanism.

Providing the stability of the entire chair is the 5-prong base. This piece is made from aluminium to ensure strength while also remaining lightweight. The paint finish and chamfered edges give the chair a modern look.

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