noblechairs HERO Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅14-09-18
Performance & Comfort Testing
One of the new features on the HERO is the infintely adjustable lumbar support; the dial on the left of the photo can be adjusted incrementally to increase comfort and help maintain proper posture.

Also new on the HERO is the memory foam included within the headrest. If you choose not to use the included headrest pillow, this will adjust to your head position.

The handle on the right of the chair pulls upwards to adjust the recline angle of the rear of the chair, going from 90° upright to 131°, plus the 14° angle from the tilting mechanism allows a total of 145° of recline – you’re almost laid flat at this point, but thanks to the clever balancing with centre of gravity manipulation, you won’t fall over.

Customisation is the order of the day here, and the armrests haven't been left out. noblechairs have called these a 4D armrest, according to their 4 different aspects of movement: side to side, forwards and backwards, up and down and they can rotate to a small degree.

For shorter users, or those who might require the chair to be lower due to specific desk layouts, or in our case, helping to align with the pedals on our Logitech G29 Racing Rig setup, noblechairs also sell a pair of shorter pistons, one reducing the height by -15mm and the other -30mm.
If you’re going down that route, we highly recommend you purchase the piston at the same time as the chair, once the standard piston is in place, it takes a lot of removing, especially if you’ve sat on it for a few weeks.

Shamrock approved of the chair before we even had it out of the box.

We promise this photo isn't staged in any way.

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