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👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅14-09-18
As we mentioned in the introduction, we’ve spent around a month on this chair now, so we’ve got a pretty good idea of how it feels. Some days with up to 10-12 hours spent sitting down; most health professionals would recommend against that, but we don’t particularly have a choice sometimes.

The addition of the lumbar adjustment dial is certainly welcomed on this model, though we did opt to use the chair in its flat setting for our personal preference, but it offers a surprising degree of adjustment; this system works similar to the lumbar support options in some premium car seats.

The memory foam in the headrest is a good addition, but we couldn’t really feel the benefit compared to the older models. We much preferred using the provided neck cushion but we wish the strap had some length adjustment.

Style is something noblechairs have nailed from the get-go. Their thick stitching and quality materials give their chairs a premium feel that will look excellent in the office or at your home setup.

As you may have seen in our previous noblechairs reviews, we were impressed with both, but if you’re a larger person, the HERO will suit you better. The thicker cushioning and wider base is much more accommodating; we’re even able to cross our legs on the chair, if that’s your bag. Having said that, don’t feel put off if you’re not a larger person, it’s perfectly comfortable for smaller people too!

Sure, the price, at UK £350, US $430 and AU $550, is quite a chunk of money, but what price can you put on a better posture? That’s a question only you can answer. We believe it’s worth more than that 32GB kit of DDR4 you’re looking at instead.

”Not all heroes wear capes” certainly applies here, we loved the HERO and the improvements it brought along with it, though by all means, you can attach a cape, just watch it doesn’t get stuck in the wheels!

+ Love the styling
+ Larger size makes it more accommodating
+ Good build quality and weight rating
+ Range of colours available
+ Different material options
+ 4D armrests
+ You can lie down at your desk

+- Some adjustment on the neck pillow would be good
+- Pricey

- None

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