noblechairs ICON Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅01-08-17

Product on Review: noblechairs ICON
Manufacturer: noblechairs
Street Price: £329.99 / $369.99

More and more of us are now sat in front of a PC for prolonged periods, sometimes 10 hours a day; this can slowly take a toll on your lower back or neck or even cause RSI from being incorrectly aligned while typing or gaming. This eventuality makes a chair with proper support and adjustability an absolute necessity to prevent problems later in life.

Overclockers UK have provided us with the latest noblechairs ICON, promising unparalleled comfort and quality, along with a stylish appearance and excellent adjustment.

noblechairs are relatively new to the field, being founded in 2015, but they’ve already made quite a splash amongst the online community with their EPIC series, featuring in many gaming streams.

Noblechairs claim to have listened to customers minor complaints from the EPIC and improved upon those areas with the ICON, namely the depth of cushioning used on the base and back, as well as a stronger base and steel construction, with a huge weight limit of 180KG (28 Stone). The styling has also changed, moving away from a “racing bucket seat” style, to something more elegant and stylish, altering the back support to allow for broader shoulders, while still providing the support you need and removing the harness holes.

noblechairs on the ICON:
Taking the luxury and unrivalled attention to detail of the noblechairs lineup and blending it with an uncompromising aesthetic, the ICON has a style that embodies the adage that quality speaks for itself. Employing 100% PU imitation leather and enhanced ergonomics and adjustability, this is the perfect chair for those who demand unambiguous durability and strive for the best.

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