noblechairs ICON Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅01-08-17
Packaging & Included Parts
The noblechairs ICON arrives in a large, triple-layered, corrugated box, measuring 870mm x 700mm x 380mm and weighing in at 32KG; this may be considered a one man affair from any bloke wishing to show off, though we would recommend this as a two-man-lift. The internal packaging is excellent, with reinforced corners and multiple layers of foam and bubble wrap. Each substantial part is individually wrapped in branded noblechairs packaging, along with ample foam layering between components. The chair arrived in perfect condition, so absolutely no complaints can be made regarding the packaging.

Upon opening the backrest, we can see that lovely stitching, using a thick gauge of thread and breathable fabric. noblechairs have used that diamond stitching in the contact area to further optimise breathability. The noblechairs logo is embossed into the PU leather at the top of the headrest area, along with a noble badge in the back piece.

The seat follows the same design, again with that thick stitching and two “4D armrests” – adjustable in 4 different ways. The height can be adjusted, along with the width between each armrest, the distance from the back of the chair and can be toed in/out.

On the underside, you can see that solid steel construction and heavy duty clips holding all of the fabrics in place. The armrests also feature roughly an extra 25mm of adjustability by undoing those 3 Allen-key bolts.

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