noblechairs ICON Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅01-08-17
Included Parts (Continued):
Included within is the gas-lift mechanism, capable of supporting 180KG, 5 nylon/polyurethane castor wheels, suitable for hard and soft floors, a pack containing a 6mm Allen-key and Phillips screwdriver along with 3x screws and 5x Allen-key bolts, which is actually 1 more of each than is actually required. There are also some plastic covers to hide certain sections and two handles to facilitate the adjustment of the rocking mechanism and height of the chair.

The 5 prong base is constructed from a solid piece of aluminium, painted incredibly well and feeling reassuringly premium. This should have no issues handling 180KG.

Fixing onto the underside of the seat is the rocking mechanism, which also controls the height of the chair, the resistance of the rocking mechanism and an ability to lock it off entirely. Noblechairs claim to have modified this since the EPIC series, improving reliability and strength.

Aiding the comfort and adjustability of the ICON, two cushions have been included, one for lumbar support and one for the neck/head, with an elasticated fabric band to hold it in place. The lumbar support doesn’t have any way of holding it in place. The cushions are made from soft fabric and cushioning.

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