Noctua industrialPPC Series Review

👤by Ed Hume Comments 📅26-07-14
Noctua iPPC fans – A Closer Look
Noctua’s industrialPPC fans have a heft to them you only feel with other industrial fans. But for the most part you will recognize these fans. Not only do they carry the model numbers of slower fans, they look exactly like them. Like their smaller kin, these fans have such Noctua technology as AAO frames (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation) with integrated anti-vibration pads, as well as Noctua’s proprietary Stepped Inlet Design, Inner Surface Microstructures, and Flow Acceleration Channels on impellers.

Hearkening back to the specifications table, you can see that these fans have a substantial static pressure. Having a square frame and being able to rev up to 2000 or 3000 RPM makes these fans just the thing for mounting on a radiator. The availability of PWM controls allows you to control the speed of several fans with one 4-pin fan header; and having the ability to ramp way down allows your system to get very quiet when it is not working hard.

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