Noctua industrialPPC Series Review

👤by Ed Hume Comments 📅26-07-14

Noctua has extended their fan line into radiator territory -- these are powerful fans with the right form factor for rads. The relatively low prices, the ruggedness, the standard IP52 protection, the availability of IP67 protection, the long MTBF and the low, low current draw of these fans make them perfect for industrial uses as well. Finally, the color change is just what a number of people have asked for.

And Noctua did not stop with increasing their 1500 RPM fans to 2000. The 3000 RPM models are where the industrialPPC fans really shine. With a simple 50% rise in output, these fans really punch out the air, both in flow and with pressure. The NF-A14 iPPC-3000 more than doubles its static pressure as it moves from 2000 RPM to 3000.

For an industrial designer, these are fine fans. For a waterhead, get out of the way! Noctua has taken their game to a whole new level by introducing a superb product which is packed full of value. After our findings we are pleased to hand out our Elite Award.

+ Outstanding performance
+ Form factor fitted for both industry and for water coolers
+ PWM circuitry is silent
+ Integrated anti-vibration pads
+ Low current draw keeps TCO low
+ Low price keeps TCO low
+ PWM is widely available on all industrialPPC versions
+ Packaging is fully recyclable
+ industrialPPC fans are Black

- None

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