Noctua NF-A20 and NF-A12x15 Review

👤by Jamie Procter Comments 📅08-09-17
Closer Look
Both the NF-A20 and NF-A12x15 have some very subtle details that can be hard to fully appreciate from photos alone. The fan blades each have three small strakes towards their outer edge to improve fan pressure optimisation and the inner-circumference of the frames have a double height layer of tiny notches, again to aid airflow.

Both side of each of the four corners also feature rubber cushioning to dampen vibration and therefore reduce unwanted noise output. This is fixed on the 120mm NF-A12x15 fans but is quite soft on the NF-A20 and can actually be removed very easily from each corner as required.

As previously referenced, both the NF-A20 and NF-A12x15 models come in two flavours dependant on user requirements - a PWM variant with a 4-pin connector and a 3-pin FLX model.

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