Noctua NF-A20 and NF-A12x15 Review

👤by Jamie Procter Comments 📅08-09-17
Acoustic Results
We have recently made changes to our cooling department and the associated testing methodology, so please note that the number of results shown below will increase over time as we add additional products. We hope that these results will appear clearer to the majority of our readership and look forward to building upon the baselines that you see below.

Using a Noctua NA-FC1 fan control unit, all fans were set to 1,000 RPM which is generally considered a good balance between air flow and perceived acoustic quality. Whilst some fans may run at slower speeds, this is considered to be our baseline reading. Please also note that in the case of certain models, the NF-A20 for example, their maximum speed is actually beneath this threshold meaning their results will appear only in the subsequent ‘Maximum RPM’ test results. The distance tested at is 20cm from the fan, in a room with an ambient noise level of 25dB, and where the individual acoustic results are an average level over the set testing period.

Our next results highlight the acoustic values associated with the fans at their highest achievable RPM, at 12v. You will notice that these results include an additional variable within the graph, that being the average RPM of the fan over the testing period. As manufacturers themselves quite often state minimum and maximum rotation speeds within tolerances of 10%, we have made clear the average RPM of the fans over the set testing period.

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