Noctua NH-L12S Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅02-11-17
Packaging & Bundle
It wouldn’t be Noctua if it wasn’t brown, right? The overall scheme of the packaging is, and probably always will be, brown. The packaging is informative, listing all of the main features right on the front of the box. It’s also good to see the cooler arrives in such a large box, providing plenty of cardboard around the heatsink to ensure nothing gets bent or warped in transit.

Around the back, more brown, along with multilingual descriptions of the product.

Included with the heatsink is a tube of Noctua’s NT-H1 thermal compound, a low-noise adaptor which limits fan speed to a maximum of 1,400RPM and an angled screwdriver to make installation that little bit easier.

Noctua’s SecuFirm2 mounting system is also included within this box, designed to fit most Intel and AMD brackets in use today.

To help make things easier still, Noctua have provided 3 separate instruction manuals for LGA115x, LGA 20xx and AMDs mounting systems.

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