Noctua NH-U14S Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅16-05-13
Installation Process

In order to demonstrate the installation process for U14S we are installing the cooler on the Intel LGA2011 socket. Since Noctua hold claims that this cooler offers 100% memory compatibility for LGA 2011 this will be a worthwhile venture.

Installation is very simple, those who have used Noctua in the pat will know that the SecuFirm2™ mounting kit sets the benchmark for CPU cooler installation.

The first step is to apply four stand-off screws to the socket cover. Once these are in place and tight, the mounting brackets can be placed over the top and respective thumbscrews tightened. It’s important to have the brackets bowing outwards when installing, but the orientation is down to how you’d like the cooler to face. For a traditional setup of the fan facing the rear exhaust fan within a computer chassis you will need to install the brackets as pictured below. The only aspect left to fulfil is to apply thermal paste and place the cooler over the CPU and tighten the pre-attached screws.

It’s advisable when completing the final step to perform one screw turn on either side to apply even pressure to the CPU – if you screw down one side entirely you will probably find it extremely difficult to tighten the other side anyway due to tension.

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