Noctua redux Series & Accessory Kit Review

👤by Ed Hume Comments 📅19-07-14
Results of Testing Noctua redux Fans –140mm
140mm fans push more air than their smaller brethren, and they hardly make more noise doing it. Even though the fans may show up as having an adjusted sound pressure level in the 20's, they make less noise than fans with similar SPL: they sound quieter. These Noctua fans again make no bearing noise; there is no clicking from any of them. Clicks don’t show up on SPL meters, BTW. You can only listen and report what you hear.

The chart shows us that these fans match their specs and they are the same as their full priced predecessors. They also pull a lot of air through dust filters. Where you see "avg" next to a fan's name, the results are an average of two fans.

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