Noctua redux Series & Accessory Kit Review

👤by Ed Hume Comments 📅19-07-14
SSO Bearing
Noctua was proud of their SSO bearings. They allowed some users to put Noctua fans where they would blow upward – something a sleeve bearing fan cannot do. They also allowed Noctua to offer a six-year guarantee on their fans. That was something you didn’t have from other OEM’s.

Noctua SSO bearings have magnets. With redux fans, you can actually see the magnet peeking out from under its label. You can also see it holding up a screw.

But what is really inside an SSO bearing? Well, if you carefully apply gentle pressure, the impeller pops off and reveals its core – a copper cylinder with a steel cap. Doubtless the magnet pulls on the cap and keeps it in the frame, no matter what its orientation. The core fits nicely inside the motor assembly, which has grooves for recirculating lubricant. Such a simple thing to work so well. BTW – don’t do this to your own fan; When it was popped back together, the fan only ran at 90% of its old speed.

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