Noctua redux Series & Accessory Kit Review

👤by Ed Hume Comments 📅19-07-14
Results of Testing Noctua redux Fans – 80mm and 92mm
In the charts below, you can read the name of the fan, the nominal or the actual RPM in free air, the sound pressure level in free air (in dBA), and the output of the fan in CFM. The charts have the same scale. What is readily apparent is that these fans meet their published specifications, and that the redux really do seem to be identical in all but color to their tan and brown predecessors.

What you can’t see if the sound – or lack of it – that these fans made. Even less than a meter away you can hardly hear the 12.5 dBA and the 16 dBA specimens. Another thing you can’t see in these charts: you can put your ear right up to these fans and you won’t hear any bearing noise or any clicking. These are indeed quiet fans. Finally, the versions with higher sound pressure levels do not sound as loud as their SPL numbers would suggest. Noctua has done a great job in transforming the sound so there is less noise.

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