Noontec A9 Android Smart TV Box Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅20-03-12

Product on Review: Noontec A9 Android Box
Manufacturer: Noontec
Street Price: 109.99 (At time of review)

The A9 is a media player and set-top box from an as yet little known Chinese manufacturer, Noontec.

Noontec advocates advancement, standard, rigor and norms, takes innovation as fundamental, and continuously pursues excellence. Noontec strives to provide users with excellent HD players. After years of research and development, Noontec has accumulated a wealth of experience in software, hardware and shape design of HD player and become a pioneer in the industry.

Noontec not only has R & D center but also sets up a large production base in China, and annually launches more than 30 HD player models to consumers.

Whilst Noontec have a wide range of media players currently on the market, the A9 represents a new product avenue for the company: rather than developing a bespoke OS for their media player or updating previous players, the A9 utilises version 2.3.1 of Google's Android OS. This OS is typically used in the Smartphone sector rather than set-top devices; as with smartphone manufacturers, Noontec have tweaked the 2.3.1 OS into a better fit for the hardware.

Calling the A9 a media player or set-top box is something of a misnomer: the A9 aims to turn a standard HD TV into a SMART TV, and provide additional functionality through expandable storage and a more robust desktop-style web browser. It's not quite a PC in your living room - Android is generally designed for passively consuming rather than creating content - but brings much of the functionality of a tablet to your large-screen TV.

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