Novatech The Reign VIPER MKII Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅08-08-19
An NVIDIA RTX 2070 with a powerful triple-fan cooler from Gigabyte paired to an Intel Core i7-9700K is, as we’ve seen in previous system reviews, a powerful combo with a great ability for gaming at 1440p and even, as our graphs show, some 4K as well.

The 9700K with its massive 4.9GHz single-core Turbo frequency monstered through the Cinebench R20 single-thread test with a score of 499 while still maintaining a respectable multi-thread result. The 4.9GHz Turbo speed will be most beneficial when playing fast-paced games where outright framerates can improve your reaction times.

The NZXT’s tiny stature will ensure the case won’t dominate your desk and thanks to the stylish design, it’ll suit almost any setting. However, that small size is also its downfall with a restricted air intake at the front; that same intake is drawing in warm/hot air through the NZXT Kraken M22 radiator meaning the components inside, barring the Intel Core i7-9700K, are breathing pre-warmed air. Not ideal operating conditions by any stretch. The H200 has room for a second 120mm fan at the front so we'll suggest to Novatech that an NZXT fan be placed there to help the system breathe.

Storage, propped up by two solid state drives, is an excellent choice from Novatech. This provides the user with a vast 2TB 860 QVO drive for installing larger games and storing media libraries, while the 250GB 970 EVO Plus gives massive sequential read and write speeds with incredible IOPS ratings alongside. This makes the operating system particularly snappy no matter what application you’re loading.

Novatech’s 3-year warranty comes as standard with the VIPER MK II along with lifetime free tech support on the phone, should you ever need a hand overcoming an issue.
All of that wrapped up for £1920 represents very decent value when compared to the components on their own, totalling roughly £1750 + a Windows 10 licence and a 3-year warranty. Not a bad deal at all. Novatech haven’t cheaped out in any area either, using only high-quality components.

The chassis looks great, the whole system performs remarkably well in all of our tests with very playable framerates at 1080p and 1440p with even 4K gaming permitted thanks to the power of the RTX 2070.

+ NZXT H200 + all-black theme gives a fantastic appearance
+ Quiet under load
+ Small enclosure
+ Suitable for high-resolution, high-framerate gaming
+ Good cable management
+ 3-year warranty
+ Peace of mind and professional build quality is essentially free

- Poor temperatures which is likely due to restricted airflow

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