Novatech The Reign VIPER MKII Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅08-08-19
Packaging & Bundle
The outer box arrives with a loosely wrapped plastic band which definitely helps to carry it through your home but it did also cause some fairly extensive damage to the outer box, though that wasn’t helped by the relatively thin cardboard used by Novatech.

However, to remedy that somewhat, between the inner and outer boxes are an abundance of packing foam wotsits that definitely help to protect the system. Overall, we believe it would take quite a knock from even the worst of couriers and still arrive safe and sound; very important when dealing with a tempered glass side-panel.

Alongside the NZXT H200 chassis box is a Novatech printed parcel.

Inside that is all of the manuals for the components inside as well as a kettle lead, all of the additional cables for the Corsair PSU and driver installation media.

The relatively tiny NZXT H200 chassis arrives loaded up with packing material and a difficult-to-ignore notice on the window which explains what you need to do before setting up your system.

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