NZXT H2 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅22-03-11
Packaging & First Look

The H2 is presented to us in an eco-friendly box with very little graphical work compared to other cases we have seen such as the Phantom. Most people when they have unpackaged their new case will probably destroy the box and put it in the bin for disposal anyway so a recyclable box is a good idea, especially as the push these days is to go green. The sides and back feature specifications that give you an idea for the H2's feature-set and dimensions. Inside, the H2 is supported by 2 polystyrene pillars and covered in a plastic bag for transit.

Eco friendly packaging

Removing the H2 from its packaging we are met with a very sleek, elegant looking enclosure. Those with a preference towards minimalist styling are going to be pleased with how NZXT have designed H2. The front of the case features a door which swings out to reveal optical drive bays and fans (see over the page).

Elegant, sleek styling

The opposing side is identical

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