NZXT H2 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅22-03-11

What can you expect from NZXT's H2? Well, the H2 is from the 'Classic' series and is named the 'Silent Midtower" because of its approach to noise dampening and the ability to switch between 3 different fan speeds on-the-fly via the front panel. In these times when the market is very much geared towards gamers, the enthusiast that favours elegance over flamboyance is often left out but the H2 caters for the enthusiast.

The H2 is tool-less throughout, so getting your kit into the case is very easy, and thanks to the massive space behind the motherboard tray, cable management is one of its highlights - the interior can be kept clean and tidy.

Build quality is great, everything is solid and fits well within the H2. Thermal performance is also pleasing and of course the noise insulation foam did a great job at reducing sound levels. Fan speeds on 100% were noticeable but without the thick panels and foam it would have been much more disturbing.

With an MSRP of 84.99 inc. VAT the consumer should see the H2 appear in stores a little cheaper making it appear in the higher priced bracket for a mid-tower case. The H2 differs from other mid-towers such as the popular HAF 912 Plus and 690-II from Cooler Master by providing completely different styling, noise dampening and fan control. Personally I think its well worth the money.

The only slight niggle I could find with the H2 was with the HDD frames inside the HDD cage. When attaching a drive into the frame, the pins sometimes have trouble fitting inside the HDD mounting holes and need tapping in slightly otherwise they will not slide into the HDD rack. Personally I don't mind this because its a super tight fit, nothing is loose - but I know for some, having to do this would be deemed as perhaps negative.

The bottom line is: NZXT H2 breaks away from current trends by offering something much sleeker in an excellent foam underlayed chassis with fan control and USB3.0 functionality. Not forgetting that the H2 is tool-less throughout and has bags of space behind the motherboard tray making it one of the easiest cases to get your components into.

+ Professional looks
+ Available in black or white
+ Noise reduction via foam dampening
+ 3 speed fan control
+ Lots of space behind the motherboard tray
+ Great thermal performance

- HDD frame pins sometimes need tapping in
- Cannot support graphics cards 11"+

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