NZXT H630 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅08-10-13
Packaging & First Look

H630 is packaged in a professionally designed, double reinforced cardboard box. The sheer size of the packaging is an indicator of the magnitude of the case within. The front shows a depiction of H630 whilst the sides list the technical specification and the rear details the feature-set.

Within the box, H630 is covered in a clear plastic cover and dual polystyrene pillars help to ensure a safe arrival.

The Packaging for H630

Extracting the case from its packaging, we are met with a very elegant computer chassis. Being from the H series, H630 has its focus based upon silence and to that end both side panels are closed off and have no significant features. The inside of both side panels (and the top) feature a thick layer of synthetic noise damping material to help shield unwanted noise escaping.

This discreet approach to case design is one that is particular favoured nowadays to suit contemporary office configurations. Subtle and smooth contours are a welcome departure from the whacky gamer cases and we really like what NZXT have done with H630 from a visual standpoint. For those who prefer a dark version, NZXT also offer this case in matte black.

H630 in all its glory

Simple, elegant and minimalist styling

Over the page we will take a closer look at the external elements of the H630 Ultra Tower.

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