NZXT Phantom 410 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅01-12-11
Clearance – CPU, GPU, WC, Cable Management

Clearance inside a chassis is essential to enthusiasts, in this section we will be looking at all areas to reveal just how flexible Phantom 410 really is.

First up the CPU cooler. Here NZXT claim support for up to 170mm. Installing inside Phantom 410 is the Noctua NH-U12P which measures 158mm in height. As you can see from the picture below we are left with very little clearance and the side panels are not convex. We still have enough room for the two most popular flagships – Noctua NH-D14 and Thermalright Silver Arrow. Both these coolers are 160mm in height.

CPU cooler compatibility allows up to 170mm – covering most flagships

Next the graphics card clearance. Of course with the upper HDD cage being removable we have unlimited amount of clearance but with the HDD cage in place there is approximately 12” of clearance. Pictured is the NVIDIA GTX 480 which is 11” in total length.

Graphics card clearance options - up to 12” with upper HDD cage

Removing the top fascia on Phantom 410 there is sufficient mounting holes for attaching a 240 radiator – pictured is Phobya G-Charger 240 Radiator. Sadly though the top fascia does not clip back into place due to the thickness of the radiator – the top fascia doesn’t have enough clearance within. Note: This radiator is 6cm (just short of 2" ;) in thickness. Thinner radiators that are 2.5cm thick will fit without a problem.

Attaching the radiator on the inside isn’t possible either due to the mounting holes at the top being too close to the motherboard – the thickness of the radiator means it will touch the motherboard components.

Radiator positioned at the top of Phantom 410

Top fascia does not fit with radiator attached to roof

No space inside for radiator

Finally behind the motherboard tray there is just short of 2.5cm clearance. This is very forgiving and is a lot more generous than most cases will give you. It means you can route all cables behind the motherboard without any bother at all. Brilliant!

A very generous 2.5cm of clearance behind the motherboard tray

Next we will be investigating the thermal performance that Phantom 410 can offer. Follow us over the page.

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