OCZ RevoDrive 350 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅21-07-14
First Look

From a top down perspective we see that the drive resembles a kind of minimalist heatsink. The aluminium shield with chromed insert looks the business and allays itself to being a premium product without the need to plaster tacky stickers of dragons and fighter jets over itself. Very nice indeed!

Here's where we have our major issue. Green power circuit board! What was OCZ thinking? IF ever there was a product that demanded a black PCB this was it. The drive this one replaces was black so I see no reason why they have made the switch back to 90's green! Yuck!

Here is a profile view which is akin to a single slot graphics card, if a little slimmer. We would have preferred to have the shield made into more of a full cover shroud showing off the gorgeous aluminium effect and of course hiding that nasty green PCB but being exposed like this should assist in keeping the drive cool.

When in powered up, it gives us a soft blue glow. This glow is only interrupted when the drive is active which is indicated by multiple flashing green LEDs. Nice.

Overall we liked the look of the drive. Our complaints are obvious though and while it is fair to say you are unlikely to notice the green PCB when installed (likely beneath a graphics card) it is something we would like to see changed and banished forever! Measuring just 180.9mm (L) x 126.3mm (W) x 21.6mm (H) it should be easily accommodated by most modern PC's assuming you have a spare PCIe (8x) port.

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