Ozone Neon 3K Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅09-07-16

There are various parallels we can draw between the Neon 3K and the QPad DX-20, both are an ambidextrous mouse featuring the Pixart 3320 sensor. OMRON switches and has 128kb of on-board memory. Though they are certainly differ too. The QPad mouse features an on-board ARM MCU, and customisable lighting effects while the Ozone Neon 3K, arguably, is truly ambidextrous as it features buttons on both sides, and costs a little less. What really shines in the Ozone Neon 3K is its fantastic build quality, with an extra note about the awesome textured surface, deviating away from the velvety, cringe worthy rubber coated plastic, towards a more attractive texturised surface that is a breath of fresh air.

The pricing of the Neon 3K (30-35) is very competitive and considering the competition it holds its own in its build quality and top quality sensor, it may find its place amongst some of our favourite ambidextrous mice (such as the SteelSeries Rival 100 and the ROCCAT Kiro). The most significant thing worth noting is the lack of controls with the the software UI, there is no adjustable settings for angle snapping, or for lift-off-distance. Though this could be amended later, or maybe we are just nitpicking. As it stands, the Neon 3K is an awesome optical mouse that is responsive and precise.

A top quality ambidextrous mouse featuring a modern and reliable optical sensor, what more could you want for this price?

+ Solid construction
+ Responsive and precise tracking
+ Works well on various surfaces
+ On board memory, saves 5 profiles
+ Comfortable for any grip type
+ Ambidextrous
+ Price

- Only basic adjustments in the software

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