Ozone Neon 3K Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅09-07-16

Product on Review: Ozone Neon 3K
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Ozone Gaming
Street Price: UK: 34.99, EU: 34.99

We had a look at the Ozone Neon a couple of years ago and we felt that its classic design and shape coupled with its strong performance made it rather commendable. Now in 2016, Ozone have remixed the Neon with the Pixart 3320 optical sensor to give gamers that zero acceleration, responsive performance many crave for competitive gaming.

Aside from the 3500DPI optical sensor and the ambidextrous shape, the Neon 3K sports 128kb of on-board memory which can save up to 5 profiles, up to 1000Hz polling, uses OMRON switches, 8 programmable buttons, and you can choose between 6 colours for the LED lighting. It also has a textured rubberised surface for extra grip.

Overview by Ozone
Accuracy's back again: Optical technology, although considered an older technology, provides a more reliable and precise experience for the users which might need that in their gaming sessions. That's why Ozone's lab has designed an optical mouse, to bring back a technology that offers superior performance and perfect control speeds.

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