Ozone Strike Gaming Keyboard Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅06-09-11

Product on Review: Ozone Strike Mechanical Keyboard
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Ozone
Street Price: £79.99 (inc V.A.T)

Ozone are a relative newcomer to the highly contested peripheral market and yet in the face some very stiff competition they have consistently produced some very high quality hardware specifically aimed at the serious gamer. The recently released Ozone Strike USB mechanical keyboard is one such product that is sure to appeal to those looking for a robust input solution for their gaming needs.

Your occasional gamer will quite happily settle for a £10 bargain basement keyboard offering, whereas your avid gamer requires a keyboard with more functionality. Pro gamers, such as the Ozone sponsored K1CK eSports Club demand the very best and this is where Ozone step up to the plate by offering products such as the one we have on test today; the Ozone Strike.

The Ozone Strike has one major difference from your run-of-the-mill gaming keyboards in that it has Cherry MX-Black switches. Being a mechanical keyboard, Ozone claim it is more precise than a standard gaming keyboard which use the more commonly applied rubber dome pads beneath the keys. Not only that but the Ozone Strike has full Nkey rollover function (with PS/2 attached) allowing every single key to be detected simultaneusly, a 1000 Hz polling rate, a USB/Audio hub and multimedia functionality. Couple this with gold plated connectors on the end of a double nylon braided cable and it appears Ozone are pulling out all of the stops to make this keyboard a success.

OZONE Gaming Gear, is an European brand of gaming peripherals that revolves around the concept “It’s all about Evolution”. OZONE is a brand created by and for gamers, the evolution is part of our gaming life, we all want to improve and evolve into a better gaming contender. OZONE is committed to the development, engineering and evolution of innovative gaming peripherals with an unique style and the best performance, to allow gamers to exceed their limits and become the best.

OZONE provides customers a wide range of gaming peripherals. Everyone from the occasional user to the professional gamer is ensured to find a OZONE product at a reasonable price which will fit their requirements to enjoy their favourite games. OZONE Gaming Gear, “It’s all about Evolution”!!

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