Patriot P300 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅24-03-20

Product on Review: Patriot P300
Manufacturer: Patriot
Street Price:
128GB: GBP £TBC / USD $34.99
256GB: GBP £43.99 / USD $64.99
512GB: GBP £77.99 / USD $106.99
1TB: GBP £TBC / USD $163.99
2TB: GBP £TBC / USD $349.99

Patriot, a firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area, have been dedicated to producing high quality DRAM, flash memory, mobile accessories and gaming equipment since their inception in 1985.

While the PCI-E 4.0 storage market is getting into its stride, the PCI-E 3.0 side of things is still absolutely relevant, particularly for budget-conscious users who don’t feel the need to strive for the bleeding edge of performance, or feel the law of diminishing returns might bite too hard.

Today we’re looking at Patriot’s latest PCI-E 3.0 x4 SSD, the P300. Available in capacities of 128GB all the way up to 2TB, there’s a wide range available to suit a broad variety of requirements, and with speeds in excess of 2GB/s, you certainly aren’t going to be lacking in speed.

The P300 NVMe M.2 SSD utilises the Silicon Motion SM2263XT controller paired with Toshiba’s BiCS 3D TLC NAND flash to offer speeds of 2100MB/s read and 1650MB/s write, with 290K and 260K random IOPS.

The key selling point of the P300 NVMe SSD is the price, firmly aimed at budget-orientated consumers. We’ve been supplied with the 512GB model, a good compromise between outright capacity and a low cost at £77.99/$106.99. Let’s throw some benchmarks at the device and see how it copes.

Patriot on the P300
The P300 is Patriot’s next generation of mid-tier PCIe gen 3x4 NVMe SSD to hit the market, offering 25% higher transfer speeds and IOPs than standard PCIe 3x2 solutions. The compact m.2 form factor is designed for easy installation and will fit into any PC or laptop, while its low power consumption helps extend laptop battery life. The P300 is guaranteed to improve start-up, loading, and transfer times over traditional hard disk drives.

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