Patriot Viper Extreme Division 4 16GB DDR3 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅06-06-12
Packaging & Closer Look

Exterior Packaging

the exterior packaging of the Viper Extreme kit is well presented in a slim cardboard box featuring a picture of the memory kit on the front along with a sticker displaying basic specifications. On the rear of the box there is an introduction into Division 5 memory along with sales office information. Unfortunately, there is no notification of the timings of the memory nor the voltage required anywhere on the exterior.

Inner packaging

Inside the cardboard exterior we find two blister packs, each containing two 4GB modules making 16GB total. The inlay card tells us how to install the memory and gives us a brief run down of DRAM timing control but again, no notification of what this particular kits timings are!

Quad Channel

With the memory modules removed from their blister packs we get to see just what lengths Patriot have gone to in designing the heatsinks. Aesthetically, they are very pleasing to the eye and will no doubt look the part sat in most motherboards thanks to the understated black, polished aluminium and copper look.

Memory Front

My one major disappointment is the green PCB used. It is clear a lot of effort went into making the kit as visually appealing as possible so why go ruin everything with a green PCB when black would look so much neater by matching the colour scheme?

Memory Rear

Each module is identical to the other with Viper Extreme written on the front and, finally, a specification sticker to the rear which as you can see, shows us both the timings and the voltage required.

Copper Cooling

Keeping the modules cool is a sliver of copper which makes contact to the IC's via (very strong) thermal tape. Heat is then dissipated via the main aluminium heatsink.

Heatsink Height

The height of the module is a little over 40mm which is quite good considering most memory modules with exterior cooling surpass this measurement.

Let's take a look at today's test setup...

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